Google Pixel Review

Does Google have a winner on its hands with the Google Pixel?

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Google Pixel

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Google’s decision to kill the Nexus line and move forward with Pixel was met with a lot of skepticism. Many wndered why the company would kill off a product with such a high brand recall value in favour or something that wasn’t as much a stark departure from its predecessor. However, once the Pixel phones were out, the difference was immediately evident. While the Nexus devices were clearly mid-range phones, the Pixel is a far more premium device. Most importanty, the Pixel is a completely Google made product, unlike Nexus, which was always made in partnership with an OEM. Google launched the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL as the Android flagship, once again setting the benchmark for what Android devices should aspire to be.



  • Specifications8.4

  • Design & Build7.4

  • Call Quality8.5

  • Primary Camera7.9

  • Battery Life7.0

  • Display7.2

  • Performance8.4

  • Software & UI8.8

  • Secondary Camera6.2


When it comes to all things important such as gaming, photography or running your empire, there’s no task too demanding for the Pixel. It scores well on benchmarks, but more importantly, it managed to keep abreast with every single task, be it editing in Lightroom or swiftly going through 15 browser windows while typing out an article in Google Keep. The display isn’t as resolution rich as the one on the Google Pixel XL, but it still manages to be just as good at reproducing film, photos and even text. The smaller 2770mAh battery does result in a lower screen on time, and overall lower number of hours the phone lasts, but if you’re averse to large phones, the Pixel is your most solid option in the 5-inch territory.

Google Pixel 32GB
Key Features

  • Processor
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • RAM
  • Internal Storage
  • Sim Type
    Single Sim (Nano)
  • Screen Type
  • Resolution
  • Pixel Density
  • Screen Size
    5.0 inches

Google Pixel Features & Specifications

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