Google Pixel 2 Review

Google's Pixel 2 has got a lot of things right except for the missing 3.5mm audio jack!

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Google Pixel 2 Review

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Software & UI


Google Pixel 2 runs Android Oreo out of the box, and it has 5th January 2018 security patch at the time of writing this. So one thing’s for sure, there is nothing to worry about its update life cycle. Because since it offers stock Android experience out of the box, it is bound to receive all major and minor updates in a timely manner.

Having said that, the user interface is clean and elegant, and there’s no room to complain about it. Setting up the device was fairly simple. All I was asked to do was go through the routine sign up process which remains the same for mostly all the Android smartphones out there. It didn’t take much time to complete though, which was impressive.

Since Google Pixel 2 runs pure Android, there’s no scope for customisation as such. You can, however, find a set of live wallpapers and widgets to play around with. Searching and navigating through installed apps is never a problem with stock Android, and since there was an app drawer, I couldn’t have possibly asked for anything else.

Google Pixel 2 has absolutely no bloatware to burden the whole operating system courtesy of pure, stock Android experience. I got a 64GB variant to review, out of which around 10GB was reserved by the operating system. So passing this whole setup part, I was left with close to 52GB of internal storage. There is no memory card slot here so further storage expansion is not possible.

I could squeeze my Google Pixel 2 to fire up Assistant, and I could easily customise its functionality in addition to the amount of pressure required for it to operate. But it somewhat feels gimmicky and is of no real value to me. Although it works perfectly well (some tuning is of course required), I am never comfortable squeezing my phone every now and then for whatever reasons.

Last but not least, Google Pixel 2 has a pretty snappy fingerprint scanner, and it always turned out to be fast and accurate except for when I had wet fingers. But to my knowledge, that’s common with any other Android smartphone having a fingerprint sensor.

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