Google Pixel 2 Review

Google's Pixel 2 has got a lot of things right except for the missing 3.5mm audio jack!

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Google Pixel 2 Review

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Google Pixel 2 Battery Review

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Battery Life


Google Pixel 2 packs a 2700mAh battery that supports fast charging. It came with an 18W charger out of the box, which isn’t the most powerful one. If you stretch it too far with let’s say excessive multimedia and data usage, it won’t last a full day. But if you are a normal user, it somehow manages to offer a day’s worth of charge, which is decent.

For me, the battery drained much faster (within 10 hours max). My usage included chatting on WhatsApp, surfing through social media apps like Facebook and Twitter and scrolling through news articles. Whenever the phone was totally dead, it used to take me not more than 2 hours for charging it up to 100 percent.

Upon running a standard PC Mark benchmark test, it managed to record 9 hours 51 minutes of usage. As I said earlier, if you happen to be a moderate user, you have nothing much to worry about its battery performance. You can of course limit the consumption by turning off Wi-Fi and GPS and keep the brightness low when it isn’t required. However, this is not a phone that would top battery charts.

Google Pixel 2 Verdict

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