BlackBerry KEYone Review

The first smartphone to not be manufactured by the Canadian company, the BlackBerry KEYone is an ambitious attempt to revive the brand name.

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BlackBerry KEYone

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BlackBerry KEYone Display Review

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The BlackBerry KEYone has a 3:2 IPS-LCD display with a resolution of 1620×1080. The display has an effective pixel density of 433 pixels, a fairly standard specification set for smartphones these days. The front is protected by Gorilla Glass 4 and this special edition manufactured by Opteimus for India feels like it has the display tucked into the phone pretty well. My favourite thing about the display was how good it performed under bright day light. The display can really crank up the brightness while retaining both colours and contrast so that you can enjoy the on-screen content without any issues. The touch screen responds well to touches and I didn’t notice any ghost touches.

While the screen’s brightness is impressive, it does disappoint on the other end of the spectrum; the minimum brightness. Every night as I lay in bed, the minimum brightness on the BlackBerry KEYone was still brighter than you’d like. After 5 minutes of use in the dark, my eyes were starting to hurt from the brightness. At one point, a person sitting next to me in the movie theatre objected to me using the phone during a movie (at minimum brightness).

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BlackBerry KEYone display is bright and easy to read in bright daylight

It should be known that the 4.5-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio makes watching a movie or YouTube videos less than optimum. Video content is usually 16:9 and a 3:2 aspect ratio is closer to a squarish size, meaning videos look rather small on the display. On the other hand, watching square Instagram videos should be fine.

It is important to keep in mind that unlike most smartphones, the BlackBerry KEYone is more of a business device than an entertainer. If its reading your email or communicating, the KEYone is great. If you need to work on Spreadsheets or a PowerPoint presentation, you might feel a little restricted by the smaller 3:2 display. Watching videos just isn’t as rewarding either, but then again, entertainment isn’t what the KEYone is for.

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