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Just like there’s no one definite kind of selfie, there’s no one particular way to take the perfect selfie. Selfies are a great way of showing who you were with, the places you visited, the fun times you are having, and a lot more. But it’s very easy to get selfies wrong. So we’ve got a few pointers on what you should do to make your selfies interesting.

Let there be light!

Light is a photograph’s best friend. Always try facing the source of light – it illuminates your face properly. You should try turning your face towards a light source, otherwise the details of your face might get hidden by shadows, or darkened too much.

A selfie taken while facing the light source (left) will turn out to have more details and well-lit faces as opposed to a selfie taken facing away from the best source of light.

Unless, you want a flare like effect behind you. Make sure you tap on your face so that the camera adjusts lighting accordingly.

In certain cases, you can use the Sun to your advantage, by creating a slight flare-like effect.

Frame it right!

It’s all about the frame. Get the correct angle. It’s usually a good idea to figure out the most flattering angle for you. Choose what works best for you. For most people, a top-angle shot is the best option, where there phone is held slightly above your head and is facing downwards towards your face. It has a slimming effect too.

For most people, a top-angle shot taken with the camera poiting at you from top (left), or a shot taken with the phone at your torso’s level (middle) works very well. A shot taken from below (right) seldom works as a flattering angle.

Unless, you want to show something special about your face. In that case, get your face bang in the centre of the frame.

It’s a good idea to not use any distracting backgrounds and fill the frame with your face, if you’re trying to show off the new glasses or a very dirty face after a long ride.

Watch your head-space!

Eliminate extra headroom. Empty spaces in a selfie, or any photo, do not look very good. You should always make sure that if there’s any space above your head, it shouldn’t be too much. Also, ensure that there are no distracting or unappealing elements in the headroom. You can, however, choose to have something interesting in the frame such as decorative lights.

Both selfies have some amount of headspace, but the one on the left has the roofline coming in as a distraction. The lights above the subjects in the selfie on the right make it more interesting.

Unless, you want to specifically show something interesting in the background. Frankly, the best selfies are ones that show you with something exciting in the background, such as a beautiful landscape or a wedding.

It’s good to keep less of you and more of the background if what’s going on behind you is the main story in the picture, such as a wedding (top) or a bike broken down in the middle of a landslide (bottom).

Keep it exciting

Selfies are best kept lively. Try getting in your best/funniest expressions, because at the end of the day, these photos become memories.

Pulling a funny face isn’t always important. Just keep a happy face and that will last forever.

Unless, you really want to show that you’re bored.

Getting bored expressions in the office is very natural and doesn’t need much faking.

Go full length

Use a full-length mirror for a full-body selfie. Smaller mirrors won’t do justice to the situation or the outfit you’re trying to show.

In a mirror selfie, make sure you have good lighting that bounces off the mirror and select the best pose that shows off the outfit. In this case, we’re just showing off our tired and messy state after a long ride.

Unless you have the option to use the self timer. Use a tripod, or prop the phone up against a solid surface, and take your own full-length photo when nobody’s around to do it for you.

Choose the best distance from the phone so that you’re neither too far away, nor too close.

To be, or not to be!

Avoid the photobombers. Selfies don’t look good with unwanted faces blocking your frame or distracting the viewers from the actual story.

Photobombers (left), in this case the guy in the blue jacket, can ruin what can otherwise be a very good frame.


Unless you really want them to be there.

It’s highly unlikely that someone wouldn’t want these cute kids in their selfies.

Get a hat!

Use head-gears or props to make selfies look even more interesting. Instead of using Snapchat filters, you can use your own interesting hats.

A tiara, a hairband, and a turban will work anywhere as a great prop. You can also use a helmet selfie to promote road safety.

Unless it’s your hair that you’re showing off.

We don’t have long locks to show off, so we’re making do with a post-bike-ride-helmet-hair selfie.

Having said all of that, we would like to mention that these are not exactly rules, but mere guidelines. Guidelines that can make your selfies more visually and aesthetically appeasing. A selfie can always be tailored to suit the story that you’re trying to tell.