How to secure & maintain privacy of your Facebook account

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In this modern era, the social media outreach is exceptional. We spend more number of hours on various social platforms collectively than anywhere else in a day and Facebook is one of the most used network among all of them. Hence the need to maintaining privacy and security of your Facebook account is the first and the most important thing.

Here’s how you can check and manage your Facebook account privacy options.

Method 1: On computer via

1. Go to ‘Privacy Shortcuts‘ by clicking on the Lock sign icon in the top right corner of the blue bar


2. The first option in ‘Privacy Shortcuts‘ practically has everything that you’ll need to control your Facebook profile privacy.

3. Click on the ‘Privacy Checkup‘ and follow the instructions

The ‘Privacy Checkup‘ option is divided in to three categories


Posts :- This allows you to choose, control, limit and change an audience for your Facebook Posts.


Public – all your posts can be seen by anyone on Facebook, doesn’t matter if they are in your friends list or not.
Friends – only friends News Feed will reflect the posts.
Custom – will be shared to friends and can add few people who you want to restrict.
Only me – Other than you, no one can see your posts.

Apps :- Lets you manage apps that use your Facebook login credentials


Profile :- Lets you manage basic information of your profile’s ‘About‘ section


4. The ‘Who can see my stuff‘ option essentially lets you manage future audience of your Facebook posts, review your post tags audience, and manage profile timeline view for everyone.


5.Who can contact me‘ option will filter out unwanted friend requests for you.

6. Block people on Facebook

The last option in ‘Privacy Shortcuts‘ lets you block the unwanted people on your Facebook. Once you have blocked anyone on Facebook then that person will never be able to see or search your profile.


Method 2: On Facebook Mobile app:

1. Tap on three horizontal lines in the top right corner on your profile

2. Scroll down to ‘Account Settings‘ under help & settings.

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3. Now further to your need you can access ‘Privacy‘ , ‘Security‘ , ‘Timeline and tagging‘ etc. the same way as desktop.

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